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What is the difference between digital advertising and marketing agency?

Digital Advertising is all about using digital media like Mobile Phone, Computer Screens, etc. Even Digital OOH is a part of Digital Advertising. If we generalize it, even TV channels would come under Digital Technology but in advertising, TV Channel is in itself a separate medium of advertising.

Marketing Agency is a set of people who would help you market your product through various marketing media. Which may even include digital media. There are certain agencies who are into all types of marketing media and some are specialists in particular mediums. There are even some agencies who are into media planning and media buying only. There are some others who are just into the creative part. They will conceptualize and design your marketing campaigns, execution is to be done by other agencies.

It is similar to a Doctor. There may be some who can treat any ailment in general but if there's a critical issue then a specialist is to be consulted.

To mention more about Digital Advertising, any media which can help us in being selective about the audience would be more under the Digital Advertising media.

For example, we as Digital Marketing Agency have the ability to target people via Facebook depending on their birthdates, or the mobile phone they use, or their geographical location, what kind of job they are into, their relationship status, age, gender, languages they speak and even a combination of such factors. We can even retarget and remarket those who have already interacted once with a client's ad or content. This is more of a Digital Advertising. Often companies think just putting good photos and videos is the whole of digital marketing whereas it is just a small part of it.

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