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What is the average cost per like for Facebook pages when advertising?

I will agree that one should not just blindly go for increasing of page likes. Page likes are just to satisfy your brand ego.

At the same time, I will share what range of average per like we have achieved. For a brand like a cinema based in a city, we have achieved an average page like at INR 0.8. Whereas we have even got an average page like of INR 1.5 to 2 for a brand having national presence.

For brands where we had smaller budgets and the target was niche and the brand was relatively new then we have even spent INR 5 to 6 per like.

So it all depends on:

  1. Brand value in the eyes of the TG

  2. Content of the campaign — Message, language everything matters

  3. Graphics of the campaign

  4. Audience filters used. Too narrow a filter may cause a higher average price per like

  5. How the brand is visible outside social media?

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