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What are good examples of smart sales strategies?

In 2020, maximize automation in "Sales Funnel".

Sales at any level in any small or large organisations is done via Sales Funnel. It is just that some people know it and some don't.

With the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence, the Sales Funnel is getting more and more intelligent.

As soon as any lead falls in the Sales Funnel, one must be very quick to reach out to them. The movement of lead through the funnel to conversion depends on the type of business one is into and also on the brand positioning.

The conversion will occur if one reaches the lead at the right place at the right time. This can only be achieved by automation.

If you have a client who purchases at a particular time of the year, it is important to reach him right when he is planning for the purchase next year. This can only be possible if you have a detailed tracking of all the leads.

Data of your past year will help you to improvise your funnel for the current year only if you have maintained it.

In 2020 with cutting edge competition, sales won't come by itself. If you will get loose, there is your competitor sitting to encase on the opportunity. You can do the same by being Automated with your Sales Funnel.

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