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This is how WooHoo fighting with Covid19..!!

Seeing Strong indications of nation-wide lockdown extension beyond April 14 & the rise in total number of corona virus cases upto 8,356, Our WooHoo team is already prepared and upgrading our selves daily to fight with the Pandemic. Our team is healthy, fit, energetic and motivated to work more and serve our customers best because of few key steps taken by our team together.

As it wasn't the matter about just the WooHoo Team & their families but the life of 300+ people who are coming in direct contact with the team very frequently on daily basis, Way before when the government declared locked down in Gujarat, WooHoo Screens was one of the early movers who had already declared a flexible work-from-home for the team. We started work from home even before the first case detected in Surat.

The team members who had travel history (even within India) made sure to be home quarantined as soon as the 4-5th case declared in India to ensure safety and wellness of other staff.

As soon as the first case detected in India, We had influenced our team to set up a sanitized workstation and keep all the necessary essentials which include masks, sanitizer, cleaning essentials, cleaning of cleaning essentials became part of our daily routine during few last work from office days. We also made sure of cleaning of frequent touch points every three hours in a day by assigning the strong monitoring of the task happening.

Considering the Whole Surat being the loyal audience of WooHoo Screens, It was a time for us to show back our loyalty to the audience.

We started to run the campaign of “Namaste Karona” on more than 200 screens under which we started to promote hygiene, various precautionary steps against COVID19, Recent updates on number of cases in city, declaration of helpline details by Ministry of Health Department of Gujarat and India. We are thankful to Outdoor Asia Magazine, & for recognizing our efforts and helping us spread our message to the National and International audience via below coverage.

As we are now completing a month to work from home, People usually think that work-from-home means working from bed, but our team believes work-from-home means working and living a healthy community life. Another day at the office, oops, I mean another day at work from HOME!!

Our team understands the government’s positive intentions and is prepared for further extension of lockdown also. We as a team has taken a pledge to be helpful to our customers during the pandemic and giving our maximum time to make our customer and their team prepared for further lockdown. We are working to digitize all their processes by spreading awareness about various digital tools and how to use them. At the same time each on of us are are empowering ourselves by learning & training with new things and sharing with each other during weekly brainstorming sessions.

Our customers want to reach to their target audience and the target audience is not out there where we were reaching them but they are really very bored right now at their home. This thought brought us a solution about how we can become enablers for our customers so they can reach out to their locked down audience. We came up with the unique concept named "WooHoo Digital Tambola" Where whole Surat is playing with the Game of Housie, getting engaged for a long 2 hours time and winning exciting gifts. Follow WooHoo Surat Facebook Page to know more about our upcoming rounds of WooHoo Tambola.

At the same time, We, founders, are trying to make sure that our team & our vendors do not run out of resources and how we can help them adjust with the drastic process change happened. We are planning to organize many family centric online games, yoga & zumba sessions. We have already started with the initiative of "WooHoo Panchayat" where in the whole team joins the digital video call and talk the complete nonsense things, do leg pulling of each other to fulfill the hunger and thrust of socializing. But definitely I can see on their faces about how much they miss the work from office days. 

Tough times like this calls for unity and I am blessed to have such an amazing team like this at WooHoo Screens. Earning while putting safety first for the society is the ultimate combination of living a fulfilling and happy life. Together we feel like we have done something to support the government fight this pandemic in a better way.