The biggest campaign of the year - BPCL Utsavo No Ullas is back

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

BPCL Utsavo No Ullas is one of the biggest festival-campaigns of the year. It is a 15-year-old campaign started by the Bharat Petroleum Dealers of the Surat territory. In the latest edition, 70+ Retail Outlets of Surat and Tapi district had participated in this mega campaign.

Last year in BPCL Utsavo No Ullas 2019, prizes worth Rs. 25 lakh were given away via lucky draw to the customers of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited - Surat Territory.

The prizes included a dashing 4 wheeler car - Maruti Suzuki Alto, 4 stunning bikes - Suzuki Intruder, and hundreds of other prizes which included home appliances, consumer electronics, and crockery.

Lucky Draw Coupons being provided at Petrol Pumps

BPCL Utsavo No Ullas is an initiative to give back to the customers. It is one kind of a customer loyalty program, The customers who fill fuel worth Rs 250 in two-wheeler or Rs 1200 in four-wheeler are provided a lucky draw slip/coupon with the branding of the event along with the sponsors.

The customers have to fill up the required details and drop one of the parts of the slip in the dropbox located at each of the petrol pumps.

At the end of the campaign which is usually of 30 to 45 days, there is a pool of over 8 lakh+ lucky draw coupons.

The campaign attracts such an amazing response obviously because of the trust which Bharat Petroleum and their dealerships have earned from their customers. There are customers who prefer only Bharat Petroleum's petrol pump for their fuel requirements.

Over the years, BPCL Utsavo No Ullas has outgrown itself from its past year. The scale of the event went to over Rs 40 lakh+ in 2019 with mega-brands like Suzuki, Club Mahindra, Navin Electronics, Shree Sainath Group,, and Kencook. WooHoo Screens is one of the proud media to be preferred for the promotion of the campaign for the past 5 years.

We as Magnadism Solutions Private Limited (MSPL) have been associated with BPCL Utsavo No Ullas since 2015. We had the honor of revamping the complete design and communication of this campaign. The entire promotion of the event in outdoor and social media along with the entire design of the event is being done by the creative team of Magnadism Solutions Private Limited. We also have had the honor to help Bharat Petroleum and their dealerships to identify the best vendors for arranging the gift items. The entire association of the sponsors is being managed by our team with the able support of the super dynamic sales officers and dealers of Bharat Petroleum,

For MSPL, BPCL Utsavo No Ullas is not just a project but it is a festival that we celebrate along with the BPCL family every year now.

The above words from the then TM of BPCL Surat territory really inspire the MSPL and WooHoo team to up the game every year.

We have been able to introduce a lot of innovation in the campaign every year because of the support of BPCL Sales officers and dealers. We have learned a lot from them and also developed a very strong relationship with the entire team. We are thankful to the dealers and the BPCL Sales officers along with their senior management for allowing us to innovate when it comes to the branding, promotion, and marketing of the mega campaign - BPCL Utsavo No Ullas.

The spaces for advertising for the sponsors are in the form of hoardings & display space at various petrol pumps.

30% space on the Hoardings at the Petrol Pumps

Display of the Product at the Petrol Pumps

Promotion via Standees at various Petrol Pumps

Promotion on 150+ WooHoo Screens
  • 20-sec ad – 100 times daily

  • 135+ Indoor Screens

  • 6 Outdoor Screens

  • 60+ Locations across SURAT

  • Reaching out to 100000+ people daily

Promotion on Social Media

The campaign has a lot of fun-filled moments of celebration and bonding as shown below:

Inauguration Ceremony

Folk Dance Celebration

Pump Draws

Mega Draw

Prize Distribution Ceremony

The celebration of Utsavo No Ullas starts from Navratri and goes on till Diwali. The preparation starts right from August 2020 post Rakshabandhan. It is such an honor for us at MSPL and WooHoo to celebrate this mega festival Utsavo No Ullas with the Bharat Petroleum family along with the dealers, DSMs, participating sponsors, and most importantly the customers.

You can find out more photos of the campaign here.

Image Courtesy: BPCL Utsavo No Ullas

Celebration of 15 Glorious Years of BPCL Utsavo No Ullas

This year, BPCL Utsavo No Ullas is coming up with a lot more surprises, fun-filled moments, and lots of new innovations. Stay tuned for more updates.

Customer Delight – The Concept
  • “Customer Delight” is a Cross Brand Activation campaign

  • In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it is very crucial to innovate your marketing and brand communication.

  • Collaboration is the best way to beat the competition.

  • We will be having a joint promotion using various modes of advertising of 2 or more brands which will generate a win-win for all of them.

  • The synergy of 2 or more reputed brands will attract customer footfalls and eventually generate more business opportunities.

How it works? - Example
  • For instance, Brand 1 is a reputed 2 Wheeler Company and Brand 2 is a reputed fuel company.

  • Brand 1 will be displaying their 2 wheelers/banners/hoardings at various retail outlets of Brand 2.

  • The customers at ROs of Brand 2 will be given instant gratification or bumper prizes via a lucky draw on filling fuel of a certain amount.

  • The engagement of customers will help in generating higher sales of fuel for Brand 2 and give great visibility of the products of Brand 1 thus generating a higher conversion rate.

How to do it?
  • Simple! Just hire the right team – that’s us.

  • We specialize in Cross Brand Promotion Activation with an innovative mix of branding and promotion of the entire campaign via various modes of communication.

  • We will devise a customized engaging idea for your brand and match it with another equivalent brand that can positively share their customers with you and vice versa.

  • For more details kindly refer our website –

  • Or simply call us @ 9825 242 242, 9033 514 697

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