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Should you outsource your digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the very crucial parts of your entire Sales funnel. It includes:

  1. Website: You should have a fully detailed and updated website showcasing about your business, success stories, products, services. Often your buyer sitting in his office will judge you from your website and reject you if it's not up to the mark.

  2. Corporate Identity creation on all social platforms. To name a few:

  3. Facebook

  4. Google My Business: Very crucial to have your office’s or showroom’s location on Google.

  5. LinkedIn

  6. Instagram

  7. Business WhatsApp

  8. Quora

  9. Local search engines like Justdial, Indiamart, Sulekha

  10. Brand Awareness and Reach

  11. Lead Generation

  12. Conversion

  13. Automation using CRM

  14. Send automated SMS and email to your leads

  15. Have a recurring schedule to share information

  16. Analysis and improvisation of targeting, Content & Graphics

There is a lot more in Digital Marketing apart from above points. If you can do all above with your in-house team then you should do it in-house. Otherwise it's best to outsource. Also let the consultant be the consultant. Don't be the consultant to the consultant.

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