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Is there any option to advertise without social sites at a minimum budget?

The immediate answer for this question is BULK SMS Promotion on a set of data which has filters of area wise or category wise etc

Some may tell you about content marketing which is more of making good content and waiting till it gets viral and you making money out of it (oh wait did I forgot to mention you were here to advertise your brand and not to make money out of your content getting ads of other companies which may even be of your competitors)

Remember Content Marketing is more expensive in the long run because of the current competition in content making.

Content Marketing is like Homeopathy which takes time to show results. And just like in Homeopathy majority of the people will not continue it fully with discipline and then regret about choosing it. Just like Homeopathy, content marketing expects patience and discipline to show results which in terms of advertising is affordable only to those who are already established in their businesses or have enough budget for it.

So for a minimal budget go for Bulk SMS then proceed further to lead generation via Facebook/Insta.

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