How did we use the Breakout Rooms of Zoom to conduct BNI Alchemist Online Expo?

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

The new way of doing business is going digital. From being digital in marketing to being digital in operations, everywhere it is very crucial to know how to use the available technology.

There are various video conferencing / virtual meeting / online video call tools available online. To name a few Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet / Google Hangout, Webex, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live, WebinarJam, and so on.

The most popular among them is Zoom. Recently it had a backlash regarding its security. But they have bounced back really strong with a quick update on their encryption and lot many improved functionalities.

This article is for anyone who is willing and open to available technology. You will definitely need some basic knowledge of operating Zoom.

As the President of BNI Alchemist which is the World's Largest BNI Chapter, it is always a challenge to keep your chapter continuously engaged. When we were thrown a challenge of being completely online in conducting our BNI meetings due to the current pandemic, we initially got disheartened. After doing the mock meeting and hearing the forecast from people around about the situation getting worsened we realized that we need to step out (virtually) and give a fight back.

We had the entire calendar of 6 months as per physical meetings planned which we had to replan as per the digital scenario. A thorough brainstorming among our leadership team gave birth to this amazing idea of the Alchemist Online Expo. We have already done 2 editions of the same in April 2020 and May 2020. We had 360+ visitors for 20 stalls combined for both the editions.

The Alchemist Online Expo

Step 1: Choose the exhibitors

  1. Invite Exhibitors to exhibit for the digital exhibition

  2. Limit the number to 10 or a maximum of 15 in one edition. We did 2 editions with 10 in each. We will talk about this limit in the following content.

  3. Design a creative with Stall numbers and exhibitors

Step 2: Schedule meeting & prepare Registration form using Zoom

Schedule your meeting in advance.