How to use Business WhatsApp in your Digital Dukaan?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

If you want to go digital in marketing, then it is very crucial to have your Business WhatsApp up and running so that you can take the maximum benefits of your Digital Dukaan.

When we speak Digital Dukaan, we visualize the complete business transaction or at least the sales part occurring via a digital mode of communication which may comprise of Social Media, Website, Email, Telephone, SMS, WhatsApp, Zoom or any other digital medium of communication.

For us as an agency digital marketing is not just limited to have lead generation being done using Facebook or Google. We believe it is very crucial to have a strong line of communication post the lead generation is done.

So before you start to market on social media, please ensure that you have your Business WhatsApp fully updated and functional.

Important Links for Business WhatsApp:

Download links:



The signup process is the same as regular WhatsApp Messenger.

Once you have signed up on Business WhatsApp then you can explore the below-shown features. Some of the below-shown features are also there in regular WhatsApp Messenger. Surprisingly, the UPI payment option is available in regular WhatsApp messenger but it is not there yet in Business WhatsApp.

You can upload your business details using the Business Tools option available in the menu of your Business WhatsApp application.

We will talk in detail about:

  • Business Profile

  • Catalogue

  • Away Message

  • Greeting Message

  • Quick replies

  • Labels

  • Short Link