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Here we are going to talk about the Search Engine Optimization of a Real Estate Website -


A real estate investment firm dealing in Residential & Commercial Properties - Flat, Row House, Weekend Homes, Villas, Offices, Shops, Showrooms, Land, Building, Apartment, & Club Membership. They are based out of the most premium area of Surat - VESU.

The first step is to find out the current SEO score:

Current SEO Score
SEO Score of Karma Group on 23 Nov 2020

On testing the SEO score for Karma Group using the above tool, the following important tasks need to be taken care of:

  • Use 301 redirects to drive traffic to URLs with the same domain and subdomain (www and non-www subdomain).

  • Fix errors regarding the language markup of your web page.

  • Only use 1 H1 Heading in your text.

  • Improve the page response time.

  • Try to reduce the number of used CSS files.

  • Try to reduce the number of used JavaScript files.

  • The H1 heading should fit better to the page content. (Words from the heading are rarely used in the text)

  • Use good alternative descriptions (alt attributes) for your images.

We will be progressively covering these points in the next points as mentioned in this blog.


The initial approach is to target direct searches of real estate requirements. Progressively, we will also target the searches for investments like mutual funds or equity.

As we are targeting only Surat city, the average monthly search count will be relatively lower than that for a case where we target pan India.

When we key in our requirement on Google. it will suggest some keywords. Usually, people tend to choose from the suggestions as it is quicker and gives more relevant responses.

We will study the keyword:

3 bhk flat in vesu surat

As you can see in the screenshot, the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is shown:

This screenshot will help is defining the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions as well which we will be covering next.

The most prominent keywords which we need to cover in the case of Karma Group are:





real estate

houses for rent near me

flats for rent near me


homes for rent

new home

flats to rent near me

real estate investment

On-Page SEO | Content

Title Tag on Website

Recommended Title Tag for the home page of Karma Group will be:

Real Estate Property Site, Buy Sell Rent Properties in Vesu Surat

We have to restrict the Title Tag to 65 characters (200 to 569 pixels).

The title tags for other pages will be updated in the SEO action sheet.

Meta Description on Website

We need to cover relevant text in the Meta Description of each page. To begin with, we are putting a generic Meta Description as below:

Buy Sell Rent Homes Houses Offices in Surat | Get better deals than MagicBricks, 99acres, Housing, Homeonline | Properties for Sale, Rent or Lease | Real Estate

HTML Headings

The heading should be relevant to the page and the following content should have the right method of mentioning the same.

Headings will play a crucial role when the Search Engine is trying to identify the crux of the content on your website's pages. Cover the most important keywords in the headings with the <H1> tag. Also, avoid duplicating the title tag content in the header tag.

Keep at maximum 1 <H1> tag on each of your web pages. Use HTML5 to include more than one per page.

You can use multiple <H2> to <H6> tags. Try to incorporate important Keywords in the <H2> to <H6> tags.

Content Analysis and Development
Alt Attribute
In-Page Links

Language detected in text: en

Server location: Hong Kong

One or more of the specified languages are not ISO standard (en, en-us, de, etc.)

The language is not specified in the HTML markup.

Web Feeds


URL Resolve
XML Sitemap
Sitemaps Validity
URL Parameters
Hreflang tags
Broken Links
Avoid Underscores in the URL
Discovered Pages


Mobile Friendliness
Mobile Rendering
Tap Targets
No Plugins
Font Size Legibility
Mobile Viewport
Mobile Frameworks

Structured Data
Open Graph Protocol
Twitter Card


Email Privacy
Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC)
SSL Secure
Avoid Mixed Content of HTTPS and HTTP


Asset Minification
Asset Compression
Asset Cacheability


Server Uptime
Server IP


Custom 404 Page
Domain Registration
Domain Availability
Typo Availability


Backlinks Score
Backlinks Counter
Referring Domains

Traffic Estimations
Traffic Rank
Mobile visits

Google Analytics

Local Directories

Social Media Engagement
Social Media Pages

A detailed explanation of each of the pointer will be shared progressively. Stay tuned to follow the journey of SEO of Karma Group.


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