How should the website of a Real Estate Consultant be?

Analysis of Similar Business Websites

On searching "Real Estate Consultants in Surat", the major search results show the market place websites like / /

This clearly shows there is a lot to evolve in the Real Estate field of Surat when it comes to digitalization.

Referred Similar Business Websites: (It is a market place like a 99 Acres / MagicBricks)

We have referred a few others as well but listed some of the impressive ones.

Keyword Research

Location: SURAT

Keyword Avg. Search Volume

real estate 490

property 460

houses for rent 250

real estate agent 80

jll 80

real estate broker 70

real estate india 50

houses for sale 30

real estate developer 30

Location: Ahmedabad

Keyword Avg. Search Volume

real estate 1400

property 1200

houses for rent 1100

jll 430

real estate broker 270

real estate agent 230

knight frank 170

jll india 160

houses for sale 130

Location: Vadodara

Keyword Avg. Search Volume

real estate 400

property 310

houses for rent 300

real estate agent 230

jll 100

real estate broker 80

houses for sale 50

estate agents 40

real estate india 30

Location: Rajkot

Keyword Avg. Search Volume

property 190

real estate 170

houses for rent 120

real estate broker 50

real estate agent 30

real estate - consultancy 10

real estate consulting firms 10

investment property 10

real estate investing 10

Above are the top 10 keywords being searched on the search engines in the top 4 cities of Gujarat. The average search volume is of 30 days for the period of May 2019 to April 2020.

What do we recommend for the Real Estate Consultancy Website?
  • The home page of the website should be minimalistic and it should attract the visitor to visit further pages.

  • The header menu should cover Home, About Us, Projects, Contact Us, Blog

Recommended Templates:

Option 1: Click Here (Strongly recommended)

Option 2: Click Here

Option 3: Click Here

We are premium partners of and we have shortlisted some of the templates which we could use for a Real Estate Consultancy.