"Do it Yourself" Digital Marketing | Digital Dukaan by Magnadism

Yes, you read it right. I am going to share with you some amazing hacks of "Do it Yourself" (DIY) Digital Marketing.

The global pandemic brought a lot of challenges in the world. Businesses around the globe saw some drastic changes.

The methods of communication saw a revolution. Everyone in business realized that you cannot miss Online Marketing from your marketing and business communication.

We are a professional digital marketing agency. "We love everything digital."

But at times, we are not able to serve all the inquiries due to various reasons. For them, I am going to share some easy steps to ensure a basic setup of your own Digital Dukaan.


Words are the most important part of any communication be it verbal or written. In the world of online marketing, it is very important to know the most keyed words about your business known as keywords.

Do not worry, Google has made it very easy for finding out the keywords. Signup on Google Ads and use the Keyword Planner.

You may be tempted to use the Google Ads platform for promotion but please wait before jumping in too soon.


The second step after stepping into the world of internet marketing is to have a Website. One may argue that how can we have our own website by ourselves without hiring a professional agency. Yes, developing a website by yourself can be time-consuming and may not turn out to be as aesthetic as you would expect it to be.

But still, you can use the following tools to have your own website in the DIY way:

  • Google My Business (The simplest method)

Simply sign up on Google My Business 

Fill out the form which will ask for your business details like logo, some photos, videos, contact details like mobile number, email id, address and so on. Refer our blog on Corporate Identity Creation for more details on the same.

Google My Business will create a website for you but not with your own domain. 

If you want to sync it with your own domain name then it will need some technical expertise. But you can surely do it later on once you move further in building up your Digital Dukaan.    
  • Google Sites

Simply sign up on Google Sites 

Google Sites will have more features than the above option but it is also a relatively easier method to develop your own website.
  • Website Builder platforms like Wix / WordPress / OpenCart (Quite tough and requires a lot more time and effort) - Not recommended in DIY for business owners.

Corporate Identity Creation

We have a detailed blog on this topic. Please refer to it before reading further.

As you might have read the process of having standardized contact details and information on each of the social media platforms is known as Corporate Identity Creation.

Photos & Videos

Do not worry, you do not need all these expensive setups if you want to have a basic level of photography for your products or amenities. You can use your mobile phone camera in order to capture some good pictures which can be used, to begin with.

But if you do an analogy of Digital Marketing being a car, then Photos and Videos are its fuel. So if you want to drive long & drive fast then you need high-quality fuel for the same.

Hire a professional photographer/videographer for photography.

Alternatively, you can buy some photographs as per your business category which can be directly used or with some minor editing.

Also, you can use Mockups available for various categories of products.

A mockup is a photoshop or illustrator file designed by

Freepik is one of the best platforms for Photos, Mockups as well as templates for Graphic Design. Envato Elements is also one other platform for similar purposes.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is one of the toughest tasks when it comes to social media marketing. It requires artistic skills to design aesthetically beautiful communication. But you can use Freepik or a similar platform to get ready designs, photos, and mockups. You can even get photos with models in it. But you must have a premium license in order to use copyright images.

"Strictly, do not ever use images directly available on Google Search Engine Result Pages or any other online platform without appropriate licensing & copyrights."

There are a lot of options in this line. You can hire freelancers for graphic design and content writing purposes.

If you want to do some graphic designing yourselves, then you can use some super-advanced tools of Adobe or Corel Draw. Some features are available for free but the most advanced features are chargeable.

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