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Digital Marketing Reloaded

As a Digital Marketing company, it is very crucial to know what exactly Digital Marketing is. We have been in the field of Advertising for more than 6 years and we have only realized that it is an ever-evolving concept.

We can do the never-imagined with the tools of online marketing. People have been using mobile devices now more than ever, be it for surfing social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn or for searching information on search engines like Google or Yahoo or Bing.

But at the same time, there is too much being talked about it. It results in confusion and disparity in understanding - "How to promote on social media?"

The best digital marketing agencies and their team will surely agree that there is nothing like "One size fits all" in the world of internet marketing. Quite often than not you might have received emails stating, "Social Media Marketing just at Rs. 4999/-. Limited period offer." That limited period is eternity though.

Apart from being a digital marketing consultant, we are a Digital OOH Advertising media and Regional Distributor of Samsung Commercial Signage Digital Display Solutions. During our interactions with various business owners, we come across remarks like "Palak Bhai, I think Facebook is a waste of time..." or something like "I do not advertise on Facebook because I am not so active on it...". To which I only have one answer, "More often than not, YOU are not YOUR CUSTOMER!"

"Bulk Messaging on WhatsApp is a Myth"

Every business owner or a sales-in-charge is running behind sales. Lead generation is very crucial for any business. SMS marketing is one of the most economical methods of generating leads only if you have a quality & genuine database of mobile numbers. In the race of reaching out to people quickly quite often, people ask for WhatsApp Marketing or Bulk Messaging on WhatsApp. One must understand that as per the policy of WhatsApp it is not allowed by them to do bulk messaging on the platform. You might have noted while forwarding a message to someone or sharing a new message that you can only select 5 contacts or groups or broadcast lists. As of now, there is no official or I will like to put it with some confidence that there is no way of promotion via bulk messaging on WhatsApp. Sooner or later, we may see a proper display advertising space on the WhatsApp Status. What we recommend to our clients is to develop a subscriber base of your Business WhatsApp account. It will be a gold mine in the coming future. There was a time when developing a database of subscribers for Email Marketing was a crucial part of the marketing strategy. In near future or rather now it is about having subscribers of your WhatsApp updates. You can then also effectively utilize your WhatsApp Status space to promote your brand or even for the engagement of customers.

We just spoke about Lead Generation. It is one of our key digital marketing services. Using Facebook for lead generation started a few years back. We were the first to apply it for the Suzuki Two-Wheeler dealership in Surat. I remember how excited the general manager and his team were to see people sharing their contact details so easily. He had never imagined the usage of Facebook or Instagram in this fashion. We are proud to share that we have helped our clients bring sales. At the end of the day, the bottom line is what everyone's looking at. We have not just sold bikes or cars, in fact we have been able to sell flat via the lead generation tool of Facebook - a bloody penthouse that too in the industrial area - Bhestan in Surat. The success of digital media marketing is very strongly dependent on the followups post the lead generation is done. We have been fortunate to have had the luxury of serving very proactive clients.

There are a lot of anecdotes about our journey of digital marketing. I will keep sharing. Do share your feedback in comments.

Whenever you search for a "digital marketing agency near me" next time for your business requirement, do contact us.

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