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Can a village implement digital marketing through regional ads?

Yes of course. Brands can target Villages via digital marketing.

Geographical accuracy at times may not be so accurate for villages. But with the passing of each day, the geo targetting is improving. May be when this answer is read after a year or so it is possible that Geo targetting might have improved a lot.

I would recommend this tip, as villages have a smaller population it is possible maximum people know each other. If you have converted a customer from the village, you can click his photo and run a campaign stating— Mr. ABC from your neighborhood is already using our services/product, what about you? This will build a very good trust factor and result in a higher rate of conversion.

The same can be applied for Cities also. But it would work better for Villages.

Having said above all, we need to make sure the villages which we are targetting have access to the Internet. If not the internet but they have mobile phones then Bulk SMS with a similar strategy in the local language can be applied for better conversion.

I hope this helps.

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