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An innovation for branding during Lockdown is also helping Corporate HRs

WooHoo Screens is a place based hyperlocal Digital Out of Home (Outdoor) Advertising Media in Gujarat with 300+ Screens at high Footfall locations like Malls, Multiplexes, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Corporate parks and more. We also do audience engagement activities at these locations with our WooHoo Jockey. WooHoo is a feeling, each of our locations is filled with bustling people.

Covid19 – Corona Virus pandemic resulted in closure of malls and multiplexes first followed by pan India lockdown for over 21+ days and then series of extensions. This meant there would be no people out of their homes, no people on the road, no people in the malls or complexes and thus no people to watch our strategically located screens during this period. We were shocked and panicked.

For the initial few days, we spent our time talking with our team, customers, vendors and associates to analyse the overall panic situation. Majority of them were upset about the situation and their responses were demotivating. Some said there is nothing to do now, some did not obey lockdown initially whereas some even cribbed that the economy was already slow and now with this pandemic it will be a challenge to survive. Every entrepreneur was in a tremendous pressure on how to manage the cashflow to ensure salaries of the staff. Some of them even went on to shutdown or change the business model or business all together.

We listened to everyone and observed everyone is worried about their sales. The biggest pain point for businesses was to reach to prospect customers. The audience which was available in the malls or multiplexes or complexes was no more available there. Advertising in outdoor was at a still because there was no one outdoor. The people were lockdown in their homes and they were glued to their mobile phones. We observed the trend of a drastic increment in daily active users of various social media. This was an opportunity in disguise.

Our loyalty with our customers, their trust on us and the motivated enthusiastic team brought the confidence that we are WooHoo not just because of the screens or locations but because of our skills, courage and dedication, because it is us who is behind them. “Any screen can be made a WooHoo Screen”, was the common voice from our think tank operating under Magnadism Solutions Pvt Ltd – our digital marketing wing.

We decided to reach to the prospect customers via an online audience engagement activation. Within 2 days, we launched a campaign

“Reach out to your locked down audience with WooHoo.”

We were overwhelmed to see the response of our customers to take part in our Digital Engagement initiatives. Our first campaign was a conversion of Physical Society Activation Event named “WooHoo Tambola” to “WooHoo Digital Tambola”. It was our fourth season of Tambola and brands had already witness of our super successful 3 seasons but everyone was skeptical about the Digital Format of Tambola.

We knew any routine Tambola or Housie app available online will not give the fulfilling experience to our customers and audience which the live engagement was giving. We decided not to compromise on that part and stayed firm that the whole Surat will play together, engage with brands and with each other while playing together and we will create the same excitement of winning prizes.

We were flooded with the registrations as soon as we launched. We felt blessed to realise how we have made our space in the heart of people in the city. Our phones were continuously ringing with inquiries and messages on WhatsApp to know more about the game, the customer care department was fully loaded and pumped up by answering the queries of audience about how to play this new kind of WooHoo Digital Tambola.

The process was simple, people had to download the ticket from our mobile application and had to wait for the WooHoo Jockey to go live. Unlike other housie games, the ticket was absolutely free.

There was innovation in using Facebook Live tool as well. We did live streaming on 9 Facebook Pages in single go which was first ever digital activation of the city. A solid example of a well-organized and structured cross-brand promotion activation.

Notifications & SMS were sent to all the registered users. Broadcast messages were sent to promote and get maximum participation. Our WooHoo Jockey went live on Facebook on all the pages at pre-decided time and within few moments the whole audience was live with us. Comments started moving up the screen at a pace that it was difficult to read all of them. It was for the first time that our clients were also playing and witnessing the live audience responding to various trivia questions about their brand. The audience was demanding about their housie number and they were playing as if they all were sitting inside a hall and engaging with the anchor. These are few amazing photos of participants received during live game.

Few statistics from various WooHoo Digital Tambola:

•     No of Participants: 5000+ families

•     No of Winning Claims Received: 200+

•     Live Video: 1.5 Hours each round

•     Total Video Views: 40000+

•     Average Video View Time: 55 Minutes

•     Total Comments: 15000+

•     Total Engagement: 50000+

•     Total Reach: 1,00,000+

Winner were declared during the live video itself.

The WooHoo Team executed the whole activation from their home and geared up to bring more digital engaging activation.

During these continue rounds of WooHoo Digital Tambola for our advertisers, we got few Corporate HRs playing and enjoying with us during the live event which made them realize that something similar they want to plan as a close door event for their team & later they made us realize about how this innovation can serve to a different set of target audience and can bring amazing results. Below is one out of many WooHoo Digital Tambola HR Activation with Adani Wilmar Family:

We never knew it will turn out this well and Corporate HRs will be able to use this for people management as Employee Engagement Activity. This also worked as team building activity and created a online digital social for the all the employees and their family by bringing them on one platform that too at the most engaging and economical rate compared to the physical one. This motivated us to innovate more and will definitely cover about our new products in my next article.

The attitude of the team at WooHoo Screens & Magnadism Solutions Pvt Ltd is of taking responsibilities which motivated us to make sure our customers and vendors also survive through the pandemic and we decided to help them digitize each of their business process for smoother operation of their business. Our Digital Marketing wing is fully equipped to serve the businesses around to go digital.

We are all in all a Digital Brand Communication company providing Digital Marketing solutions, Digital In shop branding technology in association with Samsung as their Regional Distributors, Digital Discount Coupons via & Digital Out of Home Advertising under WooHoo Screens. We are proud and delighted to have achieved the overall YoY growth in the revenue by 44%. The backbone of the growth was the digital transformation of the company. This year we had radical digitalization even in each of our business verticals as well as horizontals. We believe, “Nothing can stop us. 2020-21 we are coming.”

Thanking Mr Palak Madhwani for helping me write this article.