10 steps to create Corporate Identity Creation in the world of Digital Marketing

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The first step of SMM & SMO is

Corporate Identity Creation (CIC)

It is very important to have the correct contact details of your business mentioned on the maximum possible online platforms. In the world of internet marketing, the users are on mobile phones when they are searching for a product/service. When they land on your page after their search, the first thing they will want to do is to act on a "Call-to-action". It can be a phone number, email address, or your business location (shared as address and maps location).

We ensure that the right details are made available with a standard profile pic, cover image, about us, phone number, WhatsApp number, email address, and business location.

Before you start working on CIC, kindly please get the below-mentioned details:

  • Profile Picture (Logo)

  • Cover Image (Different Size for different platforms)

  • Email Id

  • Mobile Number/WhatsApp Number

  • Website

  • Business Location and Address

  • Working Hours

  • About Us

  • Automated Responses

  • 5 to 6 Images about the products/services (Optional, can be done later also)

As a digital marketing agency, some of our clients will ask us to start from zero whereas some other will shift their work from another online marketing agency of theirs.

So it is important to check whether they already have an account made on any platform for the purpose. In some cases, it may happen that there will be some platforms having an account created whereas some might require new creation.

So this has to be manually checked before making a new account to avoid duplication. 

Once you are ready with the above-mentioned steps, you can start with the below process:

  • Create a Gmail account

Eg: (this will be used everywhere in the creation of all new accounts)

1. Get the mobile number of the client (or the mobile number of the digital marketing agency) before making it to put as a security backup with the Gmail account.

2. Get one backup email account of the client which you will insert while making the above email id.

  • Create the Facebook Page or get the Admin access

Create a page from the agency's Facebook account and share the admin/editor rights with the client and our other team members as required.

  • Instagram 

Use the Gmail id created above to create a new Instagram account or use the credentials of the existing Instagram account.

  • Google My Business

Use the Gmail id created above to create a new Google My Business Listing or get access to existing GMB listing on the above Gmail id created.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn also follows the pattern of account and page. Create a LinkedIn page using the agency's LinkedIn account.

  • Youtube Channel

Get access to the existing Youtube Channel on the above Gmail id or create a new Channel and share the rights of the same with the client.

  • Quora/Pinterest/Twitter

Create the account on Quora/Pinterest/Twitter using the new Gmail id created or get the credentials of the existing accounts.

  • Mailchimp

We will need a Mailchimp account to design email templates. We may have to share the rights with the client sometime so it's better to have Mailchimp for each individual client separately.

Automated Responses

It is very crucial to set Automated Responses during Corporate Identity Creation itself. Often potential customers may approach by messaging in the inbox of social media. It is important to revert to them as soon as possible and in such a scenario, an automated response will serve well. There are advanced Chatbot tools also available for the same. We should at least have an immediate response which must include our website, email id, and WhatsApp number.

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